Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Meet Our Members: Michaele Dorn

Say hello to the lovely Michaele!

Michaele is a retired nurse. In addition to sewing, she gardens, cooks and enjoys astronomy. As a child, she sewed on a treadle machine with her grandmother. The two would draw patterns on newspaper and sew doll clothes with scrap fabric. Here is my interview with Michaele. 

How long have you been an OMQG member?
I joined OMQG in 2015 as a beginning quilter and sewing enthusiast. I felt very welcomed by the group and inspired that the members brought works in progress for show and tell. The members were encouraging to each other. 

How often do you sew or quilt?
I set up a studio sewing space in the house so I can start things and work on them at will.  I am there at least five times per week. Spending this time has helped me learn some piecing techniques and focus on a project. 

Any quilting fails? Areas you wish you better in?
I am learning constantly so everything I try is skill-building and interesting so no real failures.  A sense of humor comes in very handy in my projects. There are so many opportunities ahead for success! 

What is your best advice for a beginning quilter?

Learn the basics of pressing, measuring and cutting with accuracy, use good fabric and concentrate on learning to be consistent with piecing a quarter-inch seam or scant quarter. 

Thank you, Michaele. This is great advice!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's all about perpective

I'm always fascinated by how our attitudes affect our work. I've been guilty of sabotaging a quilt because of my attitude about it as I began. Thinking something won't turn out right, thinking it's too simple or too difficult or not special enough, those pre-conceived ideas can definitely change the overall result of our work. Here is an interesting example of how false perceptions can greatly alter an image.